UpLifted Results

We have developed an intense training and nutrition program that we pray will give you the tools to transform yourselves from the outside in! We stand out among the rest because of our deep desire and commitment to see your lives and health transformed. We have poured our hearts and souls into making this program as challenging and adaptable as possible so that all different fitness levels, ages, shapes and sizes can be successful. Want to make sure you can trust us with your training? Let others tell / show you their results!

Our Uplifted Results…

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More Uplifted Results

“Training with Sarah is life changing! Group sessions are a great way to train , everyone is encouraging. Once a week I treat myself to a one on one training it is my favorite hour! Sarah pushes you to be the best you can .she is very conscious of form .workouts are never boring! And she has modifications for all fitness levels!”

Becky, Uplifted Training Client

“Down 17 pounds (I started watching my food a week before it officially started). Fitting comfortably into clothes I haven’t worn in a while. My endurance has improved and I can feel muscles where there really hadn’t been. Most importantly, I feel motivated!”

Jennifer, Uplifted Training Client

“I have loved this program so much! I never did a weight because I just wanted to be strong. I started using mostly 8 lbs and ended using mostly 12-15 lbs and able to finish all workouts. And I’m no longer winded putting the kids in car seats!”

Laura, Uplifted Training Client

“I’ve made strides with this program that I’ve only wished to make for years. Why? The workouts are great but the community support has been the root of my success. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your world – this is the program for you!”

Chrissy S, Uplifted Training Client

“The workouts are challenging and no two workouts are the same. After 10 weeks, I was down 13.6 lbs or fat and up 1.7 lbs of muscle. Sarah’s not selling a quick fix, she’s genuinely trying to teach us all how to live a healthier more fulfilled life. If you’re wanting long term results, I recommend jumping on board. The community is amazing and the results speak for themselves.”

Skyle L, Uplifted Training Client

“I lost 5.4lbs and I have a little less tummy. My arms are stronger and my butt is lookin good! Mentally, I’m learning how to make choices that benefit me day to day and cultivating a better attitude towards working out (ending the workout with a dance party seriously helps). The next round I’m hoping to push myself more and eat more protein. I’m pumped!”

Aliana, Uplifted Training Client

“I lost 10 lbs and 3 inches from my waist! I’m finding that it’s getting easier to say no to certain foods (or I at least wait to eat them during my cheat meal). Mentally I am still struggling with body image and self love but I am not going to give up!”

Leilani, Uplifted Training Client

“I have been able to run longer without stopping, do more push ups from my feet, & do more squats/jumps before getting too tired! I’m teetering on the edge of the line when it comes to my body image though. It is INSANE the way you can look at your own body and see something totally different than reality. I’m working really hard on that though, and hope to fight that inner demon off in round 3.”

Leilani, Uplifted Training Client

“I lost almost 14 pounds! I am stronger and have more endurance than trying to workout by myself! The group is so supportive and motivating especially because everyone is at different stages in their life!”

Shanna, Uplifted Training Client

“I have lost 12 pounds. I have a little more endurance & can go up the stairs at work with no problem or tiredness at all! My emotional state is better because I have more confidence in myself! I also noticed my thighs no longer rub together when I walk!”

Holly, Uplifted Training Client

“I am not getting as large as I did with my first 2 pregnancy. I finally started eating, exercising, and gaining a happy/healthy amount of weight. I feel stronger and am enjoying lifting weights more now that I have more exercises. I was able to hike up .5 mile of stairs 23wks pregnant while wearing my 2 year old in my hiking backpack!”

Rachel, Uplifted Training Client

“12 weeks! 1/4 of a year! So many changes: physically, spiritually, mentally! 60ish lbs, tons of inches, 4 clothing sizes, so much pride in myself! Thank you all for the love and encouragement, my story is far from over but I am so thankful for how far I have come.”

Sara, Uplifted Training Client

“This program has really impacted my life in a wonderful way. I was immediately impressed with the community of women brought together in this group. Between the workouts, the nutritional aspect, and the amazing tips and motivation, this program has helped me learn how to live an overall healthier lifestyle. I have seen changes not only physically, but mentally as well!”

Ruth, Uplifted Training Client