Frequently Asked Questions

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There will be 24 workouts (4 per week), along with weekly core workouts.

$40 for the Home Version, $50 for the Gym Version.

YES! This program includes two phases: a beginner nutrition program and an advanced nutrition program. It consists of: helping you find your macros for your specific body; food logging guidance; recipes; tips and tricks for bloating, cheat meals, sick days, alcohol consumption, vegan/vegetarian guidance, etc!

Home Version: NOTHING! No equipment needed whatsoever! You may add weights to some of the exercises to take it up a notch, but it is not required! This can be done anywhere!

Gym Version: You will need a gym membership for this program or an equipped home gym! If your gym or home gym is lacking some of the equipment, then you can still modify by substituting those exercises with the equipment that you have!

Your gym will need: Stability Ball, Dumbbells, Barbells, Squat Rack, Plates, Cardio Machines, Cable machines.

The workouts will take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour (it could take longer, depending on what your fitness level and familiarity with the exercises are – but if you’re on a time crunch, you can abbreviate the workouts when necessary)
YES!!! Once you purchase these, they are yours for LIFE!!!
YES!!! Life happens and sometimes schedules conflict with our challenges. You are encouraged to purchase this, even if you can’t participate in the challenge. It is an incredible resource to have!
YES!!! A lot of people choose to purchase both, especially if they can’t consistently get to the gym. That way, they can supplement by using the home workouts and not miss a beat! We have made the price point EXTREMELY affordable to help all socioeconomic classes have the ability to change their lives!
They are a healthy mix of cardio and strength training. There is a HUGE variety of exercises, so that you won’t get bored!
YES!!! That is a PRIORITY for us – we pride ourselves on creating these programs so the fittest of the fit are challenged, and those who haven’t worked out in years can participate!
YES!!! Prizes are to be announced, but you don’t want to miss this!!!
YES!!! We have filmed over 300 YouTube tutorials to help guide you and teach you the exercises and the modifications for those exercises. Your membership access on the website will also give you step by step YouTube videos as it pertains to each workout in order to make this as simple as possible!!!